Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Elevated Storage

the black and white images are all from the U of Alaska, Fairbanks archives. I checked their website and there was no mention of special permissions to use the photos. Generally, museums are hard up for money and try to make some by selling rights for use of their photos for commercial use. Anyway, I aim to pursue this issue to set my mind at rest for future reference and whether or not to pull these photos off the blog in case permission is not forthcoming.
End of Addendum

I go vertical to maximize storage space at the shop. But elevated storage is nothing new. People of the Arctic were always fond of vertical storage. But it wasn't so much to save space as to keep animals from chewing on their stuff. Still, regardless of intent, the look is similar.

A sealskin poke hoisted on ropes.

And kayak gear hoisted into the rafters.

And boat yards then and now.

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