Wednesday, January 5, 2011

A tale of two boats

We did a float test on the ten foot pseudo-baidarka the other day.  Here are some photos and comments.
The boat on the left was inspired by the one on the right.  Diane built the boat on the left.

Here's a rear view of the two boats.  I added a skeg to the one on the left to make it track better.  The one on the right, the new one has an integral skeg.
Here's the new boat afloat.  It is covered in linen with several layers of varnish. It's still wrinkled here.  After we paddled it we found that the fabric still wasn't completely sealed so it was leaking.  But once wet, the wrinkles went away.  That's the good part about plant fibers, they tighten up when wet unlike nylon which does the reverse, namely loosens up.  How annoying.

The two sisters on the beach, about to launch.

Here's the boat in action. Plenty of freeboard. Should be interesting to see how it does in some windblown chop.  Hard to find that this time of year.  
I tried the boat as well.  I am a little heavy for it just as I am a little heavy for the other ten footer that inspired this one.  I would either need a little more beam or a little more length for my weight.  I would also go a little wider on the stern, maybe ten inches instead of six. But for a person under 150 pounds, a ten footer with a 24 inch beam can be a reasonable boat.  It is certainly light and easy to get around corners.

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