Thursday, February 17, 2011

Two years before the mast in a post apocalyptic kayak trailer

I was checking the stats on my blog and I found that the kayak trailer blog entry had the most hits lately followed by post apocalyptic look and feel followed by two years before the mast.
Now I think what happens is that people search for certain things and then they follow the links and when the link takes them to my page,  I get a hit.  I suspect that most of these hits are sorry, wrong number kind of hits.  What I'm posting about isn't really what they're looking for. 
For instance, people searching for kayak trailer probably are searching for something you can tow behind a car, not something you can tow behind a bicycle.  And people searching for post apocalyptic are probably searching for who knows what, perhaps descriptions of the rapture? Flesh eating Zombies? 
Come to thing of it, I should do at least one blog on flesh eating zombies and see what happens to my page hits.  Two years before the mast with flesh eating zombies.  I will work on that.  Have to get some video or at least photos. 
stay tuned

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