Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Iqyan in Akutan

Back in 2004 I was up in Akutan, AK helping Kurt Schmidt and his junior high and high school class build some skin on frame baidarkas or iqyan in Unangam Tunuu, the Aleut language.  After I left, Kurt and class finished a bunch of the baidarkas.
Just the other day, Kurt sent me a picture someone had taken back in 2008.  Apparently the baidarkas are still cruising around on their home ground.
And here's some photos from 2004.
 Students out front of the school facing the bay.
 Students out front of the school facing the school
 Karen, the first to finish here baidarka trying it out.
Baidarka a little ways down the bay. The red spot behind the rock is a buoy.  They get away from the fishermen.
 DonJon in his Baidarka in the gym where all the baidarkas were built.
 DonJon and friend trying out the new sleds.
And standing them up. 

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