Tuesday, April 19, 2011

The Mariner's Catalog

Before there was an internet and the world wide web, there was the Mariner's Catalog. The Mariner's Catalog was something like a Whole Earth Catalog devoted entirely to things nautical.  Along with reviews of tools and other nautical gear, the catalog had short articles by people like Pete Culler and John Gardner along with musings and commentary by the editors, Peter Spectre, George Putz and Dave Getchell.

Along with photos of the products the catalogs also contained lots of the kinds of old engravings that used to adorn books and magazines before the invention of photogravure.  The net effect is altogether charming and engrossing. 
This kind of publication no longer makes sense in the age of the internet.  Everyone with an opinion or even those without have a blog to voice them and online shopping has made these catalogs redundant.  Still, I find them charming and just bought the first four volumes on the internet. 

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