Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Further Kayak Musings

In the process of selecting books for my Amazon sub store on this blog, it became apparent to me that I wasn't picking any stitch and glue or strip building books.  It became apparent to me that I have no interest in that sort of thing.  What I like about skin on frame building is its spontaneity.  Want a wider boat? Pry the gunwales apart with a longer stick, and so on all along the way.  You make changes on the fly.  Strip and stitch and glue seem to take more planning and forethought.  Not a bad idea to decide what you want to build before building it, but for a guy like me who has no real schooling in boat theory and hydrodynamics, the seat of the pants approach is more appealing.  There is also an excess of epoxy and fiberglass and sanding involved in strip and stitch and glue building, at least for my taste.  I'll leave these things for others. 

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