Sunday, October 27, 2013

Yurt report - a new stove

The fire in the yurt test went well as reported in my previous post, but the guys at the shop were put off by the burnt potato smell left behind by the fire.  I told them that I would be getting a stove, but shopmate Tim said that we could make one on our own. I told Tim that he could because I don't know how to make a stove from scratch. Tim, said, let's go and off we went.  Chris, another guy at the shop donated a propane tank as the shell for the stove.  Progress so far documented below.
Tim cutting an opening for the door of the wood stove. Before we got to this point we had to vent the tank to let remaining propane escape, torque off the valves and flush the tank out with water to force all the propane out. Tim did the cutting with the tank filled with water.
Les is grinding away tack welds he put on to hold the door in place while he welded on the hinge for the door at the left.  Legs are already welded on.  Legs were cut from scrap angle iron.  It's good to have scrap laying around and neighbors who can weld.
And there it is, a small stove that looks like a bulldog.  Still remaining to be fabricated, a latch for the door and a hole cut in the rear and a flange for attaching stove pipe.

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