Thursday, February 28, 2008

New Blog Home

Ok, moving the blog to a new home. I've already figured out that this interface is a little, how shall we say, crude? I just typed in stuff and lost it when going to preview. Never mind, I hadn't typed much.

So let's go with the pictures. So this retarded interface adds pictures at the head of the text so I have to move it to where I want it. I would like it to add pictures to where my cursor is at. Never mind, this thing is free. They're doing me some sort of favor, so I'll stop complaining.

This thing up there that you're looking at is the front of Steve Fosset's, God rest his soul, now that he's officially declared dead, boat that he set the world record solo around the world sailing time in. For some reason it ended up in the boat yard just down the street from the shop. Those are 40 foot containters out front of the boat there, so beam must be something like 50 feet.

And here's a shot of the thing from the side. Must be at least 100 feet long. Anyway, Steve is officially dead, lost in a small plane somewhere over Nevada and someone else will be sailing this thing.


Edwin said...

"This is a picture of Matt in an outrigger canoe fashioned of salvaged floatation and a skin on frame canoe."

From the shot of the rear of the SOF canoe it looks similar to a Sitka dugout canoe but more slender. Have you any info on people who built SoF versions of any of the North-West canoes please? I am interested in a SoF version of a possible British prehistoric boat from the Roos Car model in Hull museum.

Wolfgang Brinck said...

The closest I've seen is people building umiaks. There are people building log canoes in the old style. George Dyson built a few very large kayaks with log canoe style prows.