Thursday, February 28, 2008

Outrigger Canoe

This is a picture of Matt in an outrigger canoe fashioned of salvaged floatation and a skin on frame canoe. The booms are salvaged 2 by fours cut down slightly to save on weight. Anyway, this scheme allows one to stand up in the canoe, drink beer, etc. Stuff you wouldn't want to do if this thing didn't have an outrigger.
Matt is standing behind his tripod. We had been floating around Alameda's seaplane lagoon with me lounging in the bow and Matt shooting video of me talking. He's doing a video of various people who are self employed doing things they like. The idea behind the video is that young people who can't quite figure out how to make a living doing what they like can get some inspiration and ideas from people who are doing what they like.

Now here's a photo of a Hawaiian outrigger canoe paddled by a crew of six. They should probably be sailing this thing instead of paddling, but I think they all have desk jobs and need the exercise.

Off to the left in the foreground is Dave in his Greenland style skin boat and behind him, David in an Aleut Baidarka. This was the baidarka's maiden voyage. David needed to adjust the seat on his boat and we all wanted to get on the beach and stretch a little.

The outrigger people told me that there's something like 3000 people in the SF Bay Area paddling outrigger canoes. Popular sport.

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