Saturday, June 30, 2012

Urban Unangax^ Culture Camp

Urban Unangax^ Culture Camp
Day 8 Friday

 The menu of the guy across the hall at the golden Lion.
 Chagix, halibut in Aleut/Unangam Tunuu
 The little kids come in the boat building tent.  We have them loft the kayak so they can see how light it is.
 Natalia staining the skin of her kayak.
 And progressing.
 And progressing some more.
 And done.
 Drum instructors and students posing for pics.
 And the picture takers.
 Meanwhile, Ward is done and we take his picture.
 Ward, Kolbe, Natalia and her brother all pose.
 Later the boys show off their kayaks.
 And horizontal
 detritus from the guy across the hall.

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