Monday, June 25, 2012

Urban Unangax^ Culture Camp

Day 2
Today we buy materials and any missing tools we will need to build half scale baidarka models.
 The day starts at the Golden Lion Best Western.
 The owner is apparently a big game hunter.  His trophies adorn the stairwell.
 Mike Livingston drives us around to buy out materials.  But first we have to move some stuff into the trunk of his car before we have a place to sit.
 We stop off at the APIA building to inventory what we already have so we know what we still need to buy.  I ask John to hold up the stomach from the seal that we had at the previous year's culture camp.
 After shopping we stop off at title wave books to see if there are any new Arctic books to buy.  Like we need any more of those.
 I have also stocked up on beverages.
 Seven pm.  Time to call home and check in with the family.
On the way back to the motel we stop of at Lake Hood which has Americas largest collection of bush and sea planes.  Then more weird sleep with the midnight sun streaming in the windows.

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