Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Urban Unangax^ Culture Camp

Culture Camp
Day 3, Sunday
Sunday we get half the day off. Camp doesn't start till one.  We try to sleep in.  Sleep cycle is off what with sun not going down till about midnight.  Each day more bleary eyed and punch drunk.  The predicted rain has started.  Pictures to follow, not necessarily in a good narrative sequence but strictly in the order they happened.
 Heading out, the golden lion after which the motel is named.  Bizarre.  The big game ethos.  Same thing out at the airport, stuffed animals in glass cases.
 John in the lobby posing with the stuffed heads.
 Breakfast at Gwennies another one of those places with stuffed heads. Corned beef hash, eggs, muffins.
 Musc ox on the wall.  The people on the ground are not stuffed.  Not sure about the guy with the sun glasses on the back of his head.
Stuffed bear near the entrance. 
Wooden Indian on the right, John on the left.
Myself in front of the place.
Gennie's outside wall.
Meanwhile, back at the APIA, kayaks we built the last two years.
Our pile of kayak model wood in the hallway.
The kids ripping lumber for kayak hull stringers.
John's Unangax^ hat.
And desert.  The item on the right is a peanut butter and chocolate bumble bee.  Wings of almond slivers. The bumble bee is an icon of Aleut culture.

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