Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Urban Unangax^ Culture Camp

Urban Unangax^ Culture Camp
Day 4
 Start of the day. Golden Lion Best Western. Pack up and go.
 Our ride. Courtesy APIA
Makeover of the Golden Lion coming right along.
 Culture Camp. 20x20 foot tent where it's all happening
 One girl in the class. Doing good work.
 Out near the lunch counter, pictures of last year's kayak building adventure.
 Meanwhile, inside the tent, iqyax^ decks taking shape.
 On the way from the tent to the coffee urn, dancers learning their steps.
 And the drum corps providing the rhythm.
 And back at the next tent over, Patty is teaching bent wood hat making - samples here for students to emulate.
Two hat makers carving away at poplar blanks.

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