Thursday, September 22, 2011

Playboat Camera Angles

As usual, when students build new boats I try to take some pictures.  Once again, I am reminded that taking good pictures is work.  The problem is not only one of lighting and camera angles but also what else is in the picture that you don't want to be. 
This is a good angle. Makes the kayak look really good.  What I've found in general is that shots from the ends of the boat emphasize the rocker and longitudinal curvature of the whole hull.  Shots of the deck are usually much more boring. Only problem is that the kayak seems to be glued to the underside of the VW van.

This angle not so good and again, van placement is unfortunate.  Kind of makes the kayak look like one of those Greek creatures that are half one thing and half another.

Same problem here as the previous picture, only now the kayak looks like one third bush, one third kayak and one third shadow.

Baidarka-Iqyax^ Interior

Inside of the baidarka, newly built with the sun coming through the skin.  Sure is pretty.

Play boat demo

It was launch day, Mandy and Andre launched their latest creations.  Foreground, Andre turning his playboat on a dime. Beautiful day.  Summer in Alameda, finally.