Thursday, July 31, 2014

Pipe-Smoking Sailors & Explorers

I ran into a picture somewhere of a traditional kayaker with a pipe in his mouth.  Then I ran into other pictures of pipe_smoking mariners.  Apparently, once upon a time, pipe-smoking was a normal diversion for men on the water.  Voyageurs, the canoeists who transported furs from the Canadian interior to Lake Superior stopped periodically for their smoke break.  What all these people had in common was exposure to the elements, the cold and wet and tobacco smoke generated by a pipe helped them endure.
This photo looks like a still from a movie set and features the pipe prominently.

These two fishermen are mending nets on land.  They are getting a bit of a break from the harsh sea but the pipes come out all the same.

And of course, there's Popeye, beloved cartoon sailor with a pipe he mostly used to suck spinach out of a can.  
Also found this photo of explorers in Unalaska ca. 1907. When in a cold place, smoke a pipe.

Note that the only guy smiling is the guy front right with the pipe.  Pipe smokers also got to sit down.  No pipe, you have to stand and look grim.
Soon as I find the picture of smoking kayakers, I will post it.