Wednesday, March 12, 2008


When I need to buy boaty stuff, mostly exotic plastic string, I go to the local chandleries, of which we have two. Pictures below. Mostly, I avoid these places since as anyone who has ever worked on a boat knows, if it's used on a boat it's twice as expensive as the same thing used on land. But it's not my point to gripe here. It's more about pointing out that Alamed is a two of town, kind of like the ark, it has two of every kind of business, two McDonalds', two voodoo candle stores, two Walgreens and of course two chandleries. Just thought I'd share photos.
This is the West Marine store, a chain housed in what looks like it used to be a supermarket.
And this is Svendsen's, housed next to a marina where people are forever sanding fiberglass and applying more epoxy.

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