Sunday, July 20, 2008

Skinboat Rendezvous

We had a skinboat rendezvous yesterday in Alameda. Several skin boat builders brought their boats for review by each other and the general public. Thanks to a notice in the San Francisco Chronicle, quite a few people turned out. Fellow skin boaters Tony Mullins and Dave Browne did much of the heavy lifting. Dave Browne did the majority of the promotional work and organization of the event. I just showed up with boats and brats, that's bratwurst for the uninitiated. I got so busy talking to people and setting them up with boats that I forgot to take pictures except at the start of the event. Oh well.

Here's Tony on the left and Dave on the right unloading boats at Encinal beach.

Encinal beach wasn't far from my shop so I was able to pile a bunch of boats on top of my car without tying them down carefully.

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