Tuesday, December 16, 2008

New Kayak Launch

Here we are celebrating the launching of two new kayaks. Tony Mullins was the photographer. Champagne, courtesy of Sidney to the far left. Myself next to him followed by Rouben whose Greenland kayak is at the edge of the water, Don who helped his wife Suzanne in the yellow jacket build the baidarka in the foreground and at the far right, Judy who helped Rouben build his kayak. The tide was about as high as it goes. Another foot or so and the whole place would be under water. It had rained all morning so the actual tryout of the boats was in question. But I donned my gear and did the honors.

Balance brace with the Greenland kayak. I am showing this mostly so you can see what the skies looked like that day.

Here's the Greenland kayak in the resting position. Depth is quite low in back. Rouben wanted a boat that was easy to roll and yet would be suitable for paddling in real water. Unfortunately, it was totally flat that day and hard to test the boat in waves. But it felt like a fast boat. Unfortunately I didn't have my GPS along and couldn't do a speed test, but the shore was moving past at a respectable rate and I heard appreciative noises coming from the shore. So I suspect this is a pretty fast boat.

Here's the baidarka in the semi-inverted position. Yes, these can be rolled. This boat is 12 foot long and weighs 25 lbs.

Here's the baidarka in the upright position. Trim looks good. I widened out the back beyond what I have been doing and this solves the problem of the boats squatting down in back when it gets up to speed.


Anonymous said...

Gee! I would love to try kayaking myself. Sadly, i don't have one. Haha. I am just interested in boating, and looking up for boats and marine supplies. I arrived on this great blog of yours and i find it nice.

Keep this up! And Happy Kayaking! Cheers!

Anonymous said...

What beam width and stern width did you use on this biadarka?

Wolfgang Brinck said...

the one in the picture had a beam of 24 inches and was 14 inches at the tail.