Monday, November 30, 2009


I know that two, possibly three people follow this blog. Now you have a chance to announce the fact that you follow this blog. Announcing yourself gives me some idea of who's reading the blog and gives me a chance to target its content at a given audience. See followers gadget in the right margin for details. Click somewhere and see what happens. Haven't tried it myself so I'm not sure how it will work.


Lee said...

hey Wolfgang!

been following your site for a few weeks now. I am a novice paddle builder, and am looking to build a SOF kayak over the winter to prevent myself from kayak withdraw!

Enjoy your blog.

Anonymous said...

Eagerly awaiting the (imminent, no doubt) publication of the next edition of "The Aleutian Kayak"....And, while I'm waiting, reading your blog daily; or at least as often as you post to it....Just cracked my borrowed-from-the-library-copy of "Don't Sleep There Are Snakes" on your recommend.

I hope you are pleasantly surprised at how many read your blog....

David White

Wolfgang Brinck said...

David, hope you enjoy, "Don't Sleep." The first half of the book is kind of an adventure story and the second half is probably less interesting for most people since it is about linguistics, but on the whole, it is a worthwhile read if for no other reason than that it examines what one scientist from MIT described as the happiest people he had ever seen.

Anonymous said...


Enjoyed "Don't Sleep" immensely. Some of the linguistics is over my head, but the idea that this tribe is clearly very unique among surviving First Peoples will stay with me. Interesting the intellectual struggle and the crisis of faith by the writer over many years is overshadowed by the things he learns from the Paraha, not to mention the fact of their existence and the way they live in the world.

Thank You!

David White

James NomadRip said...

I follow in my RSS reader, but don't use that gizmo.

Bill Samson said...

Hi Wolfgang,

I keep you as an RSS feed favourite and check it every couple of days.


Anonymous said...

Apart from lack of time, I follow this blog with enthusiasm. Keep on Wolfy!

Anonymous said...

Hi Wolfgang,

I follow the RSS feed too. I've just built my first skin-on-frame boat. I have a feeling more will follow.