Sunday, November 14, 2010


The blog people, that is Google which owns blogspot have a monetization scheme. I don't really know what that looks like, but its a way of putting ads for stuff related to the blog on the blog page and if people click on an ad, I get paid something.
I started going through the steps for setting this scheme up but then abandoned it because it seems that it is easier to turn on than it is to turn off. Once turned on, I was afraid that monetization might be overly annoying with lots of flashing and blinking going on.
So I thought I would ask my readers if any of you would have objections to monetization. If I get more than a few comments saying no, stop, don't do it, I really hate the ads, I won't turn it on.


Bob Easton said...

The AdBlock extension fo Firefox and Google Chrome does a pretty good of blocking those ads from my browsers.

Reading blogs via an RSS reader is yet another way to avoid seeing the ads.

So, turn them on , for all I care. I won't see them.

MORE ANNOYING is that damned CAPTCHA thing that Blogger uses instead of having enough gumption to build a good spam filtering system. CAPTCHAs block virtually all people with vision problems, and have a filure rate of up to 23% for people with no disabilities. They must die! ... and if you can turn them off, please do.

Noel Bennett said...

I say turn it on. If it brings in revenue for you, great! Like Bob said, if it annoys users enough, we have our own ways of dealing with the ads.

As for captchas... it'd be nice to see an audio option, too. Never mind, it's the handicapped icon. I don't like the idea of turning them off... I've seen way to many scripted spam comments lately.