Thursday, December 9, 2010

Planting Boat Parts

So today I went out to this willow patch and got some willow shoots to plant behind the shop. Chopped them up into foot long sections and stuck them in a bucket of water.  In a week or so they should be sprouting roots.  I know this works because one time when I had harvested more rib stock than I could use right away, I put the excess in a bucket of water to keep them pliable and after a week or so they sprouted roots.  Once they have roots I will plant them.  I know they will survive into spring.  Who knows what happens after that.  I can water them for a while till their roots get thoroughly established.  After that, they will be on their own.  They will either send roots down till they find water or they will dry up.  I hope they make it.

I also stopped by the quince trees.  I don't know why they are where they are. They are not native.  Someone may have planted them long ago before this was park land.  The quince were all gone. I got there a little late.  The deer ate them all.  There's deer tracks all around the trees.  Maybe the deer munched the quince when they were younger and got them to send up all those skinny straight shoots.  They bend nicely.  Would make some good boat ribs.

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