Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Skinboat Journal Store

I've added an store to my blog.  It's a subset of stuff that Amazon sells.  For now it's mostly books about kayaking and boat building that I have read and found to be useful.  I intend to add tools and other kayak related hardware.  Stay tuned.  If you buy something from Amazon by way of my store, I get a small percentage.  Ha. Not quite enough to retire on I'm sure. 

The only downside to this scheme is that I can't add my own review for store items except directly on the Amazon site.  So you get to see my opinion on an item along with all the others.  The reason I mention this is that for the most part, I only list things that I recommend but in some cases, I list things as examples of stuff you should steer away from.  So if an item falls into the steer away from category, I would like to have some way to alert you to that fact.  Maybe I'll create a steer away from sub category.

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