Thursday, June 27, 2013

No More Spots

The dust motes, like floaters in your eye are most noticeable in the sky which is a uniform color.  They are not that noticeable elsewhere.  In a way, they are cool once you get over the notion that the sky should be a pure uninterrupted blue.  The floater are like nature's graffiti on your sky.
Over time, my camera accumulated dust in the path of the light between the outside of the lens and the sensor that translates that light into digital data.  And it never got better, just worse. This never used to be a problem with the old cameras.  But for some reason it is a problem with the digital cameras.  So I thought that the end of my digital camera was near.  But just for grins, I checked out the handy google find anything on the internet utility and lo and behold, there was a guy in Oakland who removed dust from your camera.
The way he told it, the dust is not in the lens but accumulates on the sensor that translates light to digital data. I'm not sure that that's the only place the dust was that he removed, but the net effect was that for $65, I was able to get a regulation blue sky without spots on it.  We'll see how long that lasts.

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