Friday, January 24, 2014

Wood and Canvas Canoe Restoration - B.N. Morris History

I did some research on the internet and found out what kind of canoe I was restoring, a B.N. Morris canoe made in Veazie, Maine.  And there was a facebook page that had a bunch of stuff about these canoes.  I suspect there is a facebook page for just about everything.
Anyway, here's some of the stuff I found.
Friendly rivalry makes good sport.  Ha Ha, could have used that slogan for the Cold War.  Apparently, this image is off the 1919 Morris canoe catalog.  Note, then as now, women get stuck in the bow of the boat.  Unless of course two women take a canoe out.  My advice, get a solo canoe and always be in the stern, captain of your own destiny.
WHCA, the wooden canoe heritage association sells decals for the Morris.  No, Paddleing is not a mistake, that's how Morris spelled it back then.
And another logo in lovely art nouveau style.

Darn, I screwed up the blogger software and it won't add a caption - anyway, the photo above shows the customary "pigeon blood" stain used by Morris on the interior of his canoes.
And finally, colors for the exterior of the canoe.  I lean toward dark green myself, even though in the photo it looks more like black.  Come to think of it, black never caught on as a canoe color.

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Anonymous said...

'Paddleing' is not a mistake, but perhaps 'WHCA' is?