Tuesday, December 16, 2008

New Kayak Fishing Guide

Tony Mullins who built a Greenland kayak with me about 3 years ago has been training his grandson Sean in the kayak paddling arts. Sean in the meantime has graduated to fishing guide duties. Here's Sean in the back guiding his customer and uncle, Patrick. Note that Sean prefers a traditional Aleut paddle for taking the sports out to the prime fishing spots.

Also in attendance was Sean's cousin Cian in the middle of the boat. Cian is holding the net, ready to land the big ones.

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Canoe Sailor said...

I think the loom is a little short for his boat. After some experimentation I've found that in sit on tops I want the loom as wide as the boat or maybe two inches narrower at most.

I wish I had an adjustable Alutian paddle so I could tink around with it more.