Wednesday, February 16, 2011


Springtime is approaching in the northern hemisphere, at least it seems to be at some latitudes.  Hard to believe in some parts of the US where people are still up to their armpits in snow.  Still, the earth is persisting in its peregrinations about the sun. And sooner or later the earth will be tilted toward the sun sufficiently where the trees around latitude 45 will get the message and start pumping sap up their trunks and people of that region will be tapping them to get their sap which they will boil down and put into bottles which other people will take to pour the contents on their breakfast arrangements. 
I am thinking of this mostly because I am packing for a camping trip and in looking for bottles to transport such things as soy sauce, I have run across a little bottle shaped like a log cabin that once contained maple syrup from New Hampshire where the sap will soon be rising.
If you are snow bound, take heart. Spring is near.

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